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We assist small business owners and families just like you with services that include financial planning, investment portfolio management, and other financial services such as risk mitigation. Our goal is to help you with growth, protection, diversification, and tax favored treatment of your portfolio. Wealth management can be for everyone, not just for high net worth individuals.

retirement planning



We assist with retirement planning in all stages of life. Due to the effects of compounding, the sooner you start retirement planning the more likely you are to reach your goals. We help you estimate your future income needs, we help you with tax favored treatment whether its for today or for tomorrow, and when you get to retirement, the planning does not stop there. One of the biggest questions of retirees is “Will my money last as long as I do?” Once in retirement we give you guidance on the income phase in an effort to prevent you from running out of money.

investment services


We give you personalized advice on what investment services and products we believe will best meet your own needs and goals. There are many investment products and services to choose from and it can be very overwhelming. We help you determine what investment services and products make the most sense for you based upon your goals, your needs, and your tolerance for risk.

insurance protection



Proper insurance is an integral part of the overall financial health for a family and for small business owners. A solid financial plan includes being properly insured for the unknown. We assist you with choosing the protection needs that are appropriate for your personal situation. We are able to provide you guidance with health insurance, life insurance, LTC insurance, and income protection.

plan for college



Saving early and saving often is the key for most families to cover their child’s or grandchild’s college education costs. There are several different savings vehicles to choose from and we assist you in navigating your choices. Imagine if your child or grandchild graduated from college debt free: with the right planning its possible.

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Just like with wealth planning, estate planning is for everyone. No matter what your income or savings level you are at, we will assist you in the estate planning process. An estate plan assists your loved ones in dealing with your personal belongings with less confusion and costs than if you do not have one.

budgeting and paying bills



If you’re like most families and business owners, you have many demands on your money. You have bills to pay and mouths to feed and a finite amount of money to do that with. We assist you with creating a plan on how to spend your money so that you can pay your bills, properly insure, and save for you and your family’s future.


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I am the investment advisor representative for Carolina Capital Solutions, LLC.  You can count on me to help you with financial and insurance options so you can

Retire Your Way

Call me at 919-943-5577 today to get started on your path to financial wellness.

I believe in financial wellness. The definition of financial wellness according to the CFPB-Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is “a state of being wherein a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, can feel secure in their financial future, and is able to make choices that allow them to enjoy life.” My mission is to assist business owners, their employees, and their families to have that sense of financial wellness. I assist with retirement solutions for businesses, business owners, and families that include:

Individual Retirement Accounts
Carolina Chamber Retirement Solutions 401K 

I love my community and actively serve through various organizations which include the local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, and Ruritan National. I like to lend a helping hand and volunteer for worthy causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Guiding Lights, North Carolina Alzheimers Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the local Rescue Missions.

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Financial Fitness Tip #1: WORKOUT YOUR BUDGET!

Working out a budget might sound intimidating, but it’s really not that hard and it’s super important. Start with something easy like, how much money do you make? Then start thinking about your monthly expenses. How much is your rent or mortgage, utilities, insurance…what about a car payment? Don’t forget to set aside money for savings, food and entertainment.

If you need help, call my mom, Nancy Williams, at 919-943-5577 “

Financial Fitness Tip #2 

I am a regular competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I rely on my trainers and coaches to tell me exactly what to do in preparation for a tournament. My goal is to get on the podium and I don’t want to worry about what reps of what exercise I’m doing on what day and what I’m eating, so my trainers take care of that. 
Like my finances, I know I want to retire comfortably and have very specific goals, but I have no idea how to get there. And, that’s why in my financial life I also have a financial advisor tell me exactly what to do each step of the way, checking in on me to make sure I’m on track to meet those goals and get on the podium of financial success and where I want to be at retirement age. So, if you want more information, talk to Nancy Williams.

Financial Fitness Tip #4



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